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01 October 2007

Upcoming Exhibition - Ronan Walsh

Solo Exhibition

"Horses at Dawn by the Atlantic Ocean"

Opening on Thursday November 8th 2007 @6.00pm

Susan Stairs, a respected Art Historian and author of many books on Irish Art, has written of Walsh: “A feel for the spiritual nature of his subjects is obvious; he manages to instil in his paintings a distinctly reverential atmosphere. This, combined with an inherent ability to use colour in an almost sacred fashion, results in some of the most significantly romantic work since that of Jack B. Yeats”. The dramatic impact of his work is reminiscent of Roderick O’ Connor, Jack Yeats and Francis Bacon.

New Arrival

Diana Pivovarova is a Latvian artist now residing in the West of Ireland.
The Tree

While her first love is painting music comes in a close second, she studied music and gives piano lessons on a part time basis.She finds inspiration in music, nature and travelling. Painting documents Diana’s life like a diary.

Artist of the Month

Mary Dillon is a full time professional artist since 1999. Originally from Kilkenny, she first exhibited her work during Kilkenny Arts Week at the age of thirteen.

Mary has a keen interest in botany and gardening and takes inspiration from her garden, local hedgerows, woodlands and the bogs in the midlands of Ireland.


The art market is booming! That's why every month we will introduce you to some of our artists who are good to invest in. Famous or not, collectors don't just honour the dead. Living artists are also doing well in the art rush. So whether you choose the art or it chooses you either way, allow your heart, mind and spirit to lead you, as it will be hanging on your wall for a very long time.
Dangerous Dance by Elena Mikhailova

It's not so easy to buy and sell art works. It is also harder to value a work of art objectively. You can't go and analyse the balance sheet or test the product. Then there's fashion: art goes in and out of fashion just like clothes. Be adventurous to invest in a living artist, one who will be here to help you to discover unknown treasures that await just beyond the edge where the art lives.

The Living Wave by John Hurley

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