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01 May 2009

Upcoming Show - Vincent Killowry

Let's celebrate the Volvo Race with

Vincent Killowry

"Ocean Race Show"


bold art gallery

opening on Friday 22nd May
@ 6.00pm

Vincent Killowry, artist and philatelist, studied at Cluain Mhuire College of Art, Galway, and also has a background in both engineering and flying. He has spent most of his 25 year career in the west of Ireland.

Killowry is well known in the Philatelic (stamp collection) circle as the artist responsible for an impressive 46 special edition An Post stamps. “Painting for An Post has been a great honour down the years and this year it is even more exciting to produce two stamps for An Post”.
Vincent’s stamps this year, his 45th and 46th, are in commemoration of the Volvo Ocean Race, the biggest and most exciting sporting event in Europe in 2009. Between the beauty of the artwork and the excitement the race will surely bring, this is undoubtedly a must-see exhibition.
Killowry’s contemporary approach to painting alternates between figurative, landscape, seascape, transport and equestrian. Regardless of genre, all of his work is executed with equal measure and intensity. His work exudes atmosphere combined with a technical accuracy gleaned from his interest in the engineering aspect of his subjects. As an artist who specializes in painting the great Machines of land and air, Killowry has now harnessed the power of Mother Nature... the powerful energy of the sea.

His work appears in a diverse array of collections.

Group and solo exhibitions:
The Guinness Hops Store Graduate Exhibition
GPA Award for Emerging Artists
2007 Galway Arts Festival, solo show in Bold Art Gallery
The “Flying Colours”
Solo shows in Limerick & Ennis
Opening of the Foynes Flying Boat Museum and also painted the mural ‘History of Flight’ in their entrance hall.
50th Anniversary of the Limerick Flying Club Exhibition
Solo exhibition at the Irish Air Corps 75th Anniversary celebration in Shannon
A retrospective exhibition was held in Foynes to launch his first set of postage stamps in 1998.
Vincent’s Titanic postage stamp design artwork was included as part of an exhibition of postage stamp designs at Cork City Hall to mark the City’s year as European Capital of Culture 2005.
His work now hangs in private and corporate collections in Ireland, U.K., U.S.A., Japan, Luxembourg, France, Spain & India.

New Work - Mary-Ann Clarke

Mary-Ann Clarke spent her formative years in Hampstead. She inherits her talents from three generations of artists. Her mother and grandmother taught her to love nature, and being an only child she spent a lot of time drawing and painting the finds of rambles on Hampstead Heath.

“There is enough beauty in the world to inspire anyone” ................... Mary Ann Clarke

Mary-Ann attended Barnet College and after qualifying at Reigate College of Art, she went on to teach Art .At this time she settled on a farm in Hertfordshire .While bringing up three daughters, she returned to her art. Mary-Ann became a pupil of the eminent artist, William Mason, A.R.C.A. who inspired the evocative style of work for which she is known today.

This style concentrates on the quality of light and its effect on nature. Mary-Ann uses soft focus and amorphous impressions to create a harmonious balance of expressive images which conjure up an indistinct yet highly nostalgic atmosphere. Pastel provides an ideal medium for expressing the effect of soft light as it shines through her landscapes. She likes to work with soft pastel and colour

“I hope that I capture the effects of light on the landscape to evoke the wonder of the beauty of nature that is in every soul”. ............................................ Mary Ann Clarke

She is primarily influenced by Monet and Turner. Mary-Ann’s work is considered to be highly collectable for its ability to evoke half forgotten memories to the viewer.
Exhibitions include one-woman shows in Harrods, Selfridges and London galleries. Her work is shown throughout Europe, America and the Far East. Her work has also been reproduced as Fine Art prints and cards.

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At a time when the stock and property markets are looking dangerously unstable, many people are looking for a more unique way of safely investing their money.

Many investors are turning to art as a way of diversifying their portfolios. When pieces are invested in with time and consideration, they can be a solid form of capital, and often appreciate in value over time.

So what do you need to know before becoming one of the many art investors out there? Here are a few tips to help you make informed decisions and wise investments.

First of all, it is a good idea to take an interest in art in general before spending money on it, just as with any other type of investment. While it is not necessary to have a degree in art, knowledge of the basics can be a great help to you, as it gives a chance to familiarize yourself with styles that you particularly like, as well as detailing the different types of art it is possible to buy. There is no need to limit yourself to buying paintings, as photography, sculpture and prints are some of the many other options available, and may better suit a smaller budget.

Another thing to be aware of is the rising incidence of art fraud, which has caught many unsuspecting buyers unaware. Because the internet is used so widely nowadays, it has become easy for scams to spread; such as where a poster instead of the original and/or a forgery is sold as a “limited edition” (sometimes even along with an equally fake “Certificate of Authenticity”). The best rule of thumb is to avoid buying art over the Internet as a beginner to the art market, stick to what you can see and touch with your own eyes. In this vein, good places to buy from include art galleries, the artist themselves, or reputable auction houses.

Once you have found the type of art you like and a place to buy it from, what we would most importantly advise is this: Buy something you know you like, that you could enjoy looking at every day. It is very possible that your purchase may take years to increase significantly in value, so treat buying an artwork as you would treat buying a home; as something you will live with for a significant amount of time. That way even when the market fluctuates (as will almost always happen) you will still get satisfaction from your investment.

A good way to determine whether you are choosing an artwork that will hold, or ideally, increase in value, is to look at the career of the artist so far. If they are being exhibited frequently over a number of years, has an agent, or is regularly receiving publicity in the form of good reviews, articles etc.; these are good indicators that the artist in question has a good chance of wider success and financial investment.

Once you have invested in your artwork, keep in mind that the work will need to be kept in top condition to retain all of its value in the event of it being sold again. Ask before you collect your artwork how it should be cared for. If you are considering selling your piece soon, have it appraised by a qualified professional. Once you have an idea of what your art is worth, you can establish an asking price. Remember; always sell to or through a reputable source. As you establish contacts through your art collecting, so will you get a good idea where your art should be sold. Auction houses are good options, although keep in mind that the auction house will retain a commission for selling your piece. Private collectors and art dealers are also options but finding one suitable will require more research on your part.

Whether you plan to invest for a lifetime purchase or as a portfolio option, we hope you follow these guidelines, and enjoy your new artwork!

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