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04 June 2008

Upcoming Exhibition - Annie West

Annie West is best known for her illustration of children books and helped out in the curit festival in Galway. She is excellent at depicting the WB Yeats in this new and very exciting exhibition “Yeats on a train”.
She was born in Glasgow to Sligo parents and moved to Ireland at the age of three. She went to school in Clane Co. Kildare and Alexandra College Dublin, followed by five years at Dun Laoghaire School of Art & Design where she graduated in 1979 with a Diploma in Design for Communications, as well as the Alfred Beit award (twice), the Nora McGuinness Award and the NCEA Patent Practicioners Award. She worked firstly in Words & Pictures, a division of the Wilson Hartnell Advertising & Marketing group, and then moved to RTE where she worked in the Design Department. She continued her Television career in Tyne Tees Television before going freelance where she worked in the Art department on TV Shows, Feature Films and pop promos: she has worked on two Neil Jordan films, as well as Irish classics such as “Hear My Song” and “Eat the Peach”. A must see at bold art gallery for the 31st art festival Galway 2008.

Opening by Sharon Shannon, Irish Musician, on Tuesday 15th July 2008 in Bold Art Gallery. Exhibition will runs until 31st July.

New Arrival

Conor McGuire was born in the west of Ireland and has chosen to live there as his influences are taken from the local rural landscape and townscape. His technique can vary from realism to abstract depending on the subject, but he finds his artistic home to be in an impressionistic impasto technique. He loves the quality and light in the west of Ireland and the shifting transience it brings to the subject matter. He likes subjects that are timeless and speak to the viewer without requiring them to be political or analytical. To his viewer Conor hopes they get some sense of the quirky essence that makes the west of Ireland life so special…..a sense of the timelessness of the place, its friendliness and beauty.

Long Walk

“I hope the strong cultural identity of a place like Galway will survive the constant pressure of modern living and there will always be that local Galway feel to the city and environs.”

“I love the impressionists and expressionists but will always admire a technically well produced piece of work regardless of what school of painting it might lay claim to.”

Artist of the Month

Phillip Morrison's work generally concentrates on streetscapes and surf scenes from the west of Ireland. Strong shapes and colour are key signatures of his work which help to create interesting compositions and create a sense of movement. Another unique feature would be his treatment of the sky: often the sky in a painting has no physical relationship with the landscape below it. In his work he tries to bridge this by forcing a relationship between the two by use of lines that interweave between them. He finds that this gives a visual tempo to the piece.

“I enjoy the playfulness that occurs in my work, the actual process is as important as the finished piece. It’s very important that I enjoy the creating of the painting as I feel this reveals itself, the viewer can tell that I have had fun doing the painting.“ Phillip Morrison


“Graffitti is it a a form of expression or a public annaricy nuisance”…In a growing city like Galway we have more graffitti on our wall, park and often on windows... Who are the artists and do we need like most other modern citys in the world, a place for this form of modern art to be expressed? May be a wall that can be cleared white for the new gaffitti to be formed .
In the north on both sides of the equasion being unionest and republican graffitti was the used as a the means to communicate from the under world. The communitys could talk and express the under lining feelings of their people on the ground, often the news came from this is defently true when the largers problems of the 70’s came to light and also in to play upto pease process in the the 90’s. Still people look to the graffitti of the falls roads, around the marching season to see how the communitys are feeling... so not all graffitti is with out mearitt or meaning.
A few years ago we had boards at city hall that were used for graffitti and it was great to let this form of art to be expressed. After the exercise their board were moved and as I know there is no public space in galway that is used for this purpose.There is some space around the playground (Beside Yeats collae??) that has well designed for public murals, this is wonderfull and the city could use more of the same.
There is another form of graffitti called ”tagging”. This is when a person used a name or a nick name or trag and they mostly spray it on walls, bins, lamposts. It is a bit like a dog pissing againts a fence, to make his mark. This is all over the city, intack some of the taggers use a liquid acid on windows, this can take 20 minutes to come up on the glass. In the past year a lone tagger did untold dammage to shop windows in the center of Galway city, all this glass had to be replaced as this acid can not be removed . This as one can imagin is detrimental to business and is a large public nusance in our city. We also have the tagger that puts his tag on ever surface imagable, just look around the wall and post boxes all over the city.
When it comes to law and order , do we sit back and tolerate theres “Dogs” pisssing or should we have stronger laws for this... Often the ofender acting alone and is under 16 do what is the law to do. It is a case that they will grow out of it or mature in to young artist or is it a case that the law should have other deterance to reform these public offerders. These are questions that we will beforce to get our politions to answer, or we will be called the “city of the tag” befour long.
What have citys like London , Barcelona, New york done with this? Well graffitti is part and parcel of moderen living. In new york it is zero tolerance other than on areas that are designated.That is what it sounds like, prison, if you don’t obey the law. London and barcelona have the same problem that we have, they do have designate graffitti areas for this and it deffently helps.
Galway is growing with more houses and developments every week the city is growing in every direction. Is it a question that are all amenitys being put in place to help there new communitys group to their utmost potential. It is a case of looking to the planners of our city to think in the future… like where will Galway be in 5 years time or 10 years. Have we given enough time to think of social consequence of not enough amenities for these community! Be it a graffitti wall or a sports centers ( that is equiped and staffed).
We call on our youth to express themselves in life, to find themselves, to be themselves. Where in Galway do we give them the forum for this in graffitti? Oscar wild once said “Youth is the King”. May be our ever growing cosmopolitian multicultural city needs a G wall! For starters.

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