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05 November 2007

Upcoming Exhibition - Rasher

Rasher, born Mark Kavanagh, grew up in the seaside town of Bray, Co. Wicklow.
After attracting interest with several self-mounted shows, he held a successful one-man show in Dublin which led to newspaper profiles and an appearance on the Late Late Show. Since then he has established himself as one of the most interesting painters of his generation.
His principal subject has always been the human figure, often solitary, treated with a vivid directness that hints at his acknowledged masters—Caravaggio, Dali, Bacon, Hopper—but that, in the end, belongs to Rasher alone.

New Arrival

Viviane Nam comes from South Korea. She’s been painting for the last 15 years, expressing her inner truth through her paintings.
Influenced by Van Gogh, she finds her inspiration in the nature and the people.
Her work is like a landscape of inner truth and passion.

“Truly, I’d like to be aware of the potential of my unconsciousness and to feel a moment of beautiful silence…"

Artist of the Month

Tony Kew was born in South Africa in 1937 but is also an Irish citizen. After living in Toronto, Canada for a number of years he finally settled in Ireland. He celebrates his three score and tenth birthday (70yrs) with an exhibition in Bold Art Gallery entitled “This & That”.

It is difficult to define Kew’s work as there are lots of different influences coming into play such as mythology, religion, classics, symbolism, and fantasy. His work has a strong figurative style highly influenced by artists such as Caravaggio and Van Dyck.

“I am a painter who sees and therefore paints in a realistic way. I am sometimes perturbed by the interpretations I see of the female form, especially as they are so called “portraits”.


The art market is booming! That's why every month we will introduce you to some of our artists who are good to invest in. Famous or not, collectors don't just honour the dead. Living artists are also doing well in the art rush. So whether you choose the art or it chooses you either way, allow your heart, mind and spirit to lead you, as it will be hanging on your wall for a very long time.
White Horse with foal & woman By Ronan Walsh

It's not so easy to buy and sell art works. It is also harder to value a work of art objectively. You can't go and analyse the balance sheet or test the product. Then there's fashion: art goes in and out of fashion just like clothes. Be adventurous to invest in a living artist, one who will be here to help you to discover unknown treasures that await just beyond the edge where the art lives.

Girls on Bikes by Rasher

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