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07 March 2009

Upcoming Exhibition - Philip Gray

Solo Exhibition featuring artist

Philip Gray

"Into The West"


Bold Art Gallery

on Saturday 28th March 2009
@ 4.00 pm

Philip will be giving one of his legendary live painting demonstrations, offering a fascinating opportunity to see how he creates his award winning seascapes.
Since the beginning of time the sea has held pride of place in our collective cultural imagination;
The work of Philip Gray makes an eloquent and powerful addition to this prestigious artistic heritage.
Taking the beauty and drama of the elements as his starting point, he provides us with the opportunity to escape the chaos of day to day life and appreciate the wonder of the natural world as interpreted by a master of the genre.

Into the west is a series of paintings which depict the wild and untamed landscape of Ireland’s western coastline.
In 2008 Philip made a voyage of discovery to the Bahamas in search of a new pallet to express the tonal variations at the heart of the world’s oceans. Here he created a vibrant series of images featuring the tropical shades of a sea and sky bathed in dazzling sunlight.

Then using his past experience as a naval diver and his unique expertise and versatility as an artist, he undertook an extraordinary project and visited the ocean bed to create his initial studies at 60 ft under the sea. With scuba and sixty minutes bottom time, using pallet knife and fingers, Philip created three oils on canvas over a series of dives.

New Arrival - Graham Knuttel

"I do not explain my work, rather my work explains me.”

“My figures appear in an urban landscape of which I am part. I try to use colour and form to express the emotion of my figures. I have recently developed this to include portraiture which I find exhilarating. I prefer a nightmare world full of shadows where danger and savagery is always close to hand. My own doubts and fears and hopes are expressed on the faces that appear in the bars and backrooms in my work”.

As colour and form are such central elements of Graham’s work the still-life works very well for him. It's potential for simplicity and invention and its deep roots in tradition bring Graham back to his student studies of Cezanne and Picasso.

He is a prolific worker, spending up to 15 hours in his studio every day. Knuttel has now emerged as a celebrated painter with a rapidly growing international reputation. His lifestyle could be considered eccentric and in recent years he has become reclusive and attaches great importance to his private life. Graham also holds the accolade of being voted worst-dressed man in Ireland 2006!

“Above all I try to speak with my own voice and see with my own eyes.”

Collectors include Michael Stipe, Sylvester Stallone, Charles Saatchi, Bertie Aherne, Christy Moore and Eddie Irvine. His works hangs everywhere from UCD to the World Trade Centre to Harvey Nichols.

Wedding List

bold art gallery caters for those in love!

What could be better than receiving a piece of art you adore from those who adore you!

bold art gallery offers a superb wedding list service which allows couples to begin to collect original art for their new nest. If you are getting married, why not make your wedding list special with gifts that are yours forever?

You may already have all the essentials you need in your home so why not start decorating your love nest in a way that represents you and your partners marriage with art that means something to you both and which you can pass on to the next generation?

Setting up a Wedding List at bold is simple!Couples can look forward to the whole experience when visiting bold art gallery and choosing their art piece of choice may take more than one or two visits.

Inform your friends and relations about your wedding list and we can provide a discreet card for you to enclose with your wedding invitation.

Your friends and relations can then call to the gallery, look up our website or simply telephone us to buy a picture from your chosen list, or to let us know how much they would like to contribute. If a picture you have chosen is too expensive for one guest, then several people can contribute towards it. If after your wedding the picture has not been fully bought, we will ask you whether you would like to pay the remainder yourselves or choose a less expensive piece. Alternatively, simply ask your guests to contact us with their contribution, and then you and your partner can come to the gallery to choose your paintings after your wedding. That way you know exactly how much you have to spend, and you have something exciting to look forward to!

For more information about Wedding Lists please call bold art gallery at:
Tel: +353 (0) 91539900 or make an enquiry!


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Investment in art today...

At a time when the stock and property markets are looking dangerously unstable, many investors are turning to art as a way of diversifying their portfolios. When pieces are invested in with time and consideration, they can be a solid form of capital, and often appreciate in value over time.

So what do you need to know before becoming one of the many art investors out there? Here are a few tips to help you make informed decisions and wise investments.

First of all, it is a good idea to take an interest in art in general before spending money on it, just as with any other type of investment. While it is not necessary to have a degree in art, knowledge of the basics can be a great help to you, as it gives a chance to familiarize yourself with styles that you particularly like, as well as detailing the different types of art it is possible to buy. There is no need to limit yourself to buying paintings, as photography, sculpture and prints are some of the many other options available, and may better suit a smaller budget.

Another thing to be aware of is the rising incidence of art fraud, which has caught many unsuspecting buyers unaware. Because the internet is used so widely nowadays, it has become easy for scams to spread; such as where a poster instead of the original and/or a forgery is sold as a “limited edition” (sometimes even along with an equally fake “Certificate of Authenticity”). The best rule of thumb is to avoid buying art over the Internet as a beginner to the art market, stick to what you can see and touch with your own eyes. In this vein, good places to buy from include art galleries, the artist themselves, or reputable auction houses.

Once you have found the type of art you like and a place to buy it from, what we would most importantly advise is this: Buy something you know you like, that you could enjoy looking at every day. It is very possible that your purchase may take years to increase significantly in value, so treat buying an artwork as you would treat buying a home; as something you will live with for a significant amount of time. That way even when the market fluctuates (as will almost always happen) you will still get satisfaction from your investment.

A good way to determine whether you are choosing an artwork that will hold, or ideally, increase in value, is to look at the career of the artist so far. If they are being exhibited frequently over a number of years, has an agent, or is regularly receiving publicity in the form of good reviews, articles etc.; these are good indicators that the artist in question has a good chance of wider success and financial investment.

Once you have invested in your artwork, keep in mind that the work will need to be kept in top condition to retain all of its value in the event of it being sold again. Ask before you collect your artwork how it should be cared for. If you are considering selling your piece soon, have it appraised by a qualified professional. Once you have an idea of what your art is worth, you can establish an asking price. Remember; always sell to or through a reputable source. As you establish contacts through your art collecting, so will you get a good idea where your art should be sold. Auction houses are good options, although keep in mind that the auction house will retain a commission for selling your piece. Private collectors and art dealers are also options but finding one suitable will require more research on your part.

Whether you plan to invest for a lifetime purchase or as a portfolio expansion, we hope you follow these guidelines, and enjoy your new artwork!