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01 April 2008

Upcoming Exhibition - Philip Morrison

Solo Exhibition

Opening on Thursday May 29th 2008 @6.00pm

Philip Morrison was born the 1st July 1964 in Tywyn, Gwynedd, N.Wales.

The Long Walk

My work generally concentrates on streetscapes and surf scenes from the west of Ireland. Strong shapes and colour are key signatures of my work which help to create interesting compositions and create a sense of movement. Another unique feature would be my treatment of the sky, often the sky in a painting has no physical relationship with the landscape below it. In my work I try to bridge this by forcing a relationship between the two by use of lines that interweave between them. I find that this gives a visual tempo to the piece.

I enjoy the playfulness that occurs in my work, the actual process is as important as the finished piece. I feel that the enjoyment I get from creating the work actually reveals itself.

New Arrival

Dympna Bonfield is an Irish artist who exhibits work both nationally and internationally. After spending many years living and working in Dublin she returned west, to her native County Clare. Much of her recent work can be seen to reflect this move, as her work has drawn much inspiration from the surrounding landscape which has resulted in a new found freedom of expression that reflects the essential character and culture of the west of Ireland.
Sacred Space

From an early age Dympna was interested in drawing and painting as she painted regularly, and with little or no formal training is still mainly self taught. Her career began as a primary school teacher and her interest in art later influenced her to attend the National College of Art in Dublin where she qualified as an art teacher. This led her to teach art in secondary schools and much of her early work during this time took the form of murals which were painted in some of the schools and colleges in which she worked and which can still be seen today. Whilst teaching and living in Dublin she began exhibiting work in one or two of the Dublin galleries.

Cliffs of Moher
Some years ago Dympna's career took a new direction when she undertook further training - this time in Goldsmiths College at London University where she qualified as an art psychotherapist. She has since designed and facilitated a course for psychotherapists enabling them to use art in their work with adults and children. These courses are now being run in various centres in Ireland.

Artist of the Month

Gavin Collins was born in Cape town, South Africa, the son of a farmer and artist. Living on farms all his life, Gavin showed no interest in academic subject but spend his days working with his hands, drawing and painting. When his talents for art became apparent at the age of, his parents supported him and at allowed him to leave school and attend the Ruth Prowse school of art.

Gavin studied Graphic design but never give up his love for painting in oils. Gavin is continually influenced by the master of the past as he receives great enjoyment from studying their styles and techniques. Gavin had his first exhibition at the age of 14.

Life in the township

As a young man, Gavin experimented with various styles applying some of his graphic design knowledge to his paintings using pleasing pastel colours thinned to create an almost water colour effect, a style that was most successful.


The art market is booming! That's why every month we will introduce you to some of our artists who are good to invest in. Famous or not, collectors don't just honour the dead. Living artists are also doing well in the art rush. So whether you choose the art or it chooses you either way, allow your heart, mind and spirit to lead you, as it will be hanging on your wall for a very long time.

"Home Coming" by Mark Kiss

It's not so easy to buy and sell art works. It is also harder to value a work of art objectively. You can't go and analyse the balance sheet or test the product. Then there's fashion: art goes in and out of fashion just like clothes. Be adventurous to invest in a living artist, one who will be here to help you to discover unknown treasures that await just beyond the edge where the art lives.

"Blue Mood" by Gavin Collins

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