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01 May 2008

Upcoming Exhibition - Green Touch Plant

Greentouch Plants invites you to their first showcase to be held at
Bold Art Gallery,
Merchants Road,
on Tuesday the 27th of May
@ 7pm.

Enjoy an evening out and the opportunity to view some of our unique and stylish Pots and Plants. Experienced Plant people will be on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding interior plant design.
Phillip Morrison will hold a solo exhibition at Bold Art Gallery on
Thursday 29th June
@ 6.00pm
"Morrison in Galway"
Opening by Cormac McConnell, Clare FM Presenter.

New Arrival

Diverse in both style and medium, Philip Gray constantly demands and explores new ideas and possibility to express life, to recapture a fleeting moment, to record a time in history and to translate an emotional thought from deep within. Proximity to Ireland’s beautiful coastline is essential to Philip; he describes the 17 years spent as a diver in the Navy as a period that has afforded him the confidence to paint the sea with genuine understanding and to become a part of what he is painting. His passion and his insistence on perfection never wavers as he can be seen in each of his composition, the sheer beauty and impact of his images regularly stop people in their tracks.
Twilight Moments

Artist of the Month

Jimmy Kelly first love was writing and his painting was something he just dabbled in occasionally but in the last five years the painting has taken over and has been a consuming passion which doesn’t look like abating. The art he paints he would describe as romantic expressionism, as he loves romantic themes, a balloon seller on a busy street, a women walking with an umbrella etc. these types of themes inspire him. Expressionism is the term that probably suits the application of paint the best. Jimmy says no one is ever going to look at one of his paintings and admire the fine detail as for him the thought and the physical activity of painting are totally inter-related.

Check Mate

“There’s a lot of scrapping off and putting on, chopping and changing, until it looks right for me.”


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The art market is booming! That's why every month we will introduce you to some of our artists who are good to invest in. Famous or not, collectors don't just honour the dead. Living artists are also doing well in the art rush. So whether you choose the art or it chooses you either way, allow your heart, mind and spirit to lead you, as it will be hanging on your wall for a very long time.

It's not so easy to buy and sell art works. It is also harder to value a work of art objectively. You can't go and analyse the balance sheet or test the product. Then there's fashion: art goes in and out of fashion just like clothes. Be adventurous to invest in a living artist, one who will be here to help you to discover unknown treasures that await just beyond the edge where the art lives.
Fred by Tom Campbell

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