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07 January 2009

Wedding List

bold art gallery WEDDING LISTS

bold art gallery caters for those in love!

What could be better than receiving a piece of art you adore from those who adore you!

bold art gallery offers a superb wedding list service which allows couples to begin to collect original art for their new nest. If you are getting married, why not make your wedding list special with gifts that are yours forever?

You may already have all the essentials you need in your home so why not start decorating your love nest in a way that represents you and your partners marriage with art that means something to you both and which you can pass on to the next generation?

Setting up a Wedding List at bold is simple!

Couples can look forward to the whole experience when visiting bold art gallery and choosing their art piece of choice may take more than one or two visits.

Inform your friends and relations about your wedding list and we can provide a discreet card for you to enclose with your wedding invitation.

Your friends and relations can then call to the gallery, look up our website or simply telephone us to buy a picture from your chosen list, or to let us know how much they would like to contribute. If a picture you have chosen is too expensive for one guest, then several people can contribute towards it. If after your wedding the picture has not been fully bought, we will ask you whether you would like to pay the remainder yourselves or choose a less expensive piece. Alternatively, simply ask your guests to contact us with their contribution, and then you and your partner can come to the gallery to choose your paintings after your wedding. That way you know exactly how much you have to spend, and you have something exciting to look forward to!

For more information about Wedding Lists please call bold art gallery at:

Tel: +353 (0) 91539900 or make an enquiry!

Artist of the Month - Paul James

Self taught artist Paul James is a remarkable and fascinating man. He is a gifted wildlife, animal and landscape artist and a wonderful pianist. It would seem that if he has set his heart on learning something he goes for it big time.

In fact should you make reference to his talents Paul will argue that his creative abilities are not down to talent but more about his attitude and application. Paul demonstrates a dogged determinedness to succeed in everything he does; in particular he admits a desire for recognition and respect as an artist.

He was born and grew up in Leicestershire. His artistic and musical abilities became apparent from a relatively early age and with the support and encouragement of his parents he is essentially self-taught. He did go to Art College at the insistence of his teachers to study graphic design, but being something of a rebel he did not wish to conform to the course requirements and preferred to spend time painting classic cars at the local garage, and neighbors pet cats and dogs, so his studies were not concluded.

He went on to develop a career in music, playing both organ and piano in a range of pubs, clubs and cocktail bars. However, it was not quite the rock star lifestyle that he had envisaged and he returned to his first love of art and began painting professionally in 1986. The haunting beauty of the nearby Charnwood Forest greatly influenced the atmospheric landscape and animal paintings for which Paul is renowned today.

You can see more of his work by clicking on this link
or by visiting us!

New Arrival - Gavin Collins

Gavin Collins was born in Cape Town, South Africa on May 30th 1971, the son of a farmer and artist. Living on farms all his life, Gavin showed no interest in academic subjects but spent his days working with his hands, drawing and painting. When his talents for art became apparent at the age of 14, his parents supported him and at 16 allowed him to leave school and attend the Ruth Prowse School of art.

" Dun Laoghaire Harbour"

Gavin is without doubt a highly versatile artist having mastered all styles in oil painting. In the past 4 years the demand for Gavin’s work has grown immensely. With international and local collectors snapping up his work as soon as it is completed, this has made Gavin one of South Africa’s best selling artists. Gavin’s creativity has grown along with his passion for painting, recently adding abstract to his already versatile subject matter. In recent years, Gavin has also been using his creative talents in other areas of business and now has 2 of his patented inventions on the worldwide market.

Gavin enjoys his constant inspiration for new work as his love for painting is undying.

You can see more of his work by clicking on this link or by visiting us!

Bold Corporate Art

Corporate Art,
"Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, spaces"


Services we provide include:
1. Advice on existing collection (placement, conservation, valuation).
2. Planning, budgeting and placement for new art purchases.
3. Research for artwork that will work for the company (i.e.: size, subject matter, price and or genre). We work to find the right art to fit our client's needs. We have direct contact with hundreds of artists nationally and do not just push gallery artists.
4. We pride ourselves on finding quality art for any budget.
5. We listen to the client and advise on a direction for the collection helping to create a company asset rather than trendy decoration.
6. We frame, deliver and install the artwork.
7. We provide detailed and organized billing and budget summaries.
8. We provide documentation on all artwork and artists.

For more information please call bold art gallery:
Tel: +353 (0) 91539900, purchase online now or make an enquiry!

Gift Voucher

Bold Gift Voucher for the perfect gift!

"Art is for life" and buying a bold gift voucher for someone special is indeed the perfect gift. They will have this gift for life and they will see it every day hanging in their homes.

For more information about payment plans please call bold art gallery:
Tel: +353 (0) 91539900, purchase online now or make an enquiry!