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04 September 2008

Upcoming Exhibition - Campbell & Redden

Liam O'Maoinlai, Lead Singer of the "Hothouse Flowers", will open
the 2 Man Show Exhibition featuring
Tom Campbell & Mark Redden
Bold Art Gallery
on Thursday 11th September 2008
@ 6.00 pm

"Man Power Flower" by Tom Campbell

Bold art Gallery will be open until 11.00 pm on Friday 19th September 2008
for the Culture Night!!!
Mad Hatter party in our new Tea Room!!!!

Artist of the Month - Philip Gray

Philip Gray was born in Cork and lived here until he turned six, then his parents, Albert and Wendy decided to move to Dublin for a few years. Without doubt his passion for the sea can be traced back to his childhood in Cork. He inherited his creative and adventurous spirit from his mother’s side of the family, a lineage that very fittingly nurtured both sailors and artists. Among his siblings there is a graphic designer and an interior designer, so creativity is certainly in the blood.
"Journey Of Life"
By his very nature, he is an opportunist, so he was determined to test the possibilities and the potential of his art in the marketplace. His vision was to use his art to develop a print collection thereby allowing him to further pursue his desire to become a full-time artist and at the same time secure the source through which he could channel his work.

Diverse in both style and medium, Philip constantly demands and explores new ideas and possibility to express life, to recapture a fleeting moment, to record a time in history and to translate an emotional thought from deep within.

New Arrival - Elizabeth Cope

Irish artist born in Co-Kildare Elizabeth Cope is best known as a painter of bright, colorful pictures. She paints spontaneous, spirited still lives, views of interiors, animals, portraits and domesticated landscapes. A decorative painter, her style owes a great deal to Matisse and to another decorative artist, Raoul Dufy. She has exhibited widely, both in Ireland and abroad, and her paintings are held in a number of important public and private collections.

"A born handler of paint and a sensitive colourist" - Brian Fallon, The Irish Times, 20 June 1981


Mark Redden is a passionate young artist who has made quite a name for himself in Barcelona, as he has been an artist in residence there for the last year. Mark, no stranger to travel has worked in the art work to show, educate and give a voice to the poor as an artist. He is not afraid to get down and dirty, after his love of the arts his second love is one for boats and building the much loved currach. He has worked with the underprivileged in places like Bolivia, Korea, and Morocco as well Tasmania. Redden has a great love of the environment and “waste not want not” attitude often one will see with Marks canvas that they have been stitched by hand to waste not a piece of canvas. This give a great feel with the tick brush strokes to put life back into the raw canvas. An Art Degree student of the Crawford gallery in Cork and the only Contempory Irish artist to have received awards in boat building.

“Redden work is new and boldly passionate like the man.!!!!”……………. Bold art gallery

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