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01 May 2009

New Work - Mary-Ann Clarke

Mary-Ann Clarke spent her formative years in Hampstead. She inherits her talents from three generations of artists. Her mother and grandmother taught her to love nature, and being an only child she spent a lot of time drawing and painting the finds of rambles on Hampstead Heath.

“There is enough beauty in the world to inspire anyone” ................... Mary Ann Clarke

Mary-Ann attended Barnet College and after qualifying at Reigate College of Art, she went on to teach Art .At this time she settled on a farm in Hertfordshire .While bringing up three daughters, she returned to her art. Mary-Ann became a pupil of the eminent artist, William Mason, A.R.C.A. who inspired the evocative style of work for which she is known today.

This style concentrates on the quality of light and its effect on nature. Mary-Ann uses soft focus and amorphous impressions to create a harmonious balance of expressive images which conjure up an indistinct yet highly nostalgic atmosphere. Pastel provides an ideal medium for expressing the effect of soft light as it shines through her landscapes. She likes to work with soft pastel and colour

“I hope that I capture the effects of light on the landscape to evoke the wonder of the beauty of nature that is in every soul”. ............................................ Mary Ann Clarke

She is primarily influenced by Monet and Turner. Mary-Ann’s work is considered to be highly collectable for its ability to evoke half forgotten memories to the viewer.
Exhibitions include one-woman shows in Harrods, Selfridges and London galleries. Her work is shown throughout Europe, America and the Far East. Her work has also been reproduced as Fine Art prints and cards.

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