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05 February 2009

New Arrival - Philip Gray

Philip Gray was born in Cork and lived here until he turned six, then his parents, Albert and Wendy decided to move to Dublin for a few years. Without doubt his passion for the sea can be traced back to his childhood in Cork. He inherited his creative and adventurous spirit from his mother’s side of the family, a lineage that very fittingly nurtured both sailors and artists. Among his siblings there is a graphic designer and an interior designer, so creativity is certainly in the blood.
"Summer Love"
His passion and his insistence on perfection never wavers as he can be seen in each of his composition, the sheer beauty and impact of his images regularly stop people in their tracks. Diverse in both style and medium, Philip constantly demands and explores new ideas and possibility to express life, to recapture a fleeting moment, to record a time in history and to translate an emotional thought from deep within.
You can see more of hir work by clicking on this link or by visiting us.

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