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05 August 2008

Artist of the Month - Chara Nagle

Classically trained artist, NCAD graduate, Chara Nagle has been acclaimed as one of Ireland's greatest new talents. She was born to paint. Her style is Modern Romantic, bold and dramatic. Her witty, glamorous larger than life approach, mixed with her highly perceptive skills and her observation of people are portrayed in a unique and passionate way across all of her work. Think of artists Caravaggio (c1596-c1599) and Delacroix (c15 - c15) fused with Agent Provocateur!

Coming full circle Chara has accumulated her life experiences to commit and dedicate her time to her lifelong passion of painting. An unprecedented demand has evolved for Chara's paintings since her sell out exhibition Moments last year. Chara is currently working towards her next exhibition, Moments II.

Modern life is an important subject matter for Chara. The essence of Chara's work reflect a deep understanding of a moment in time. She wishes to create an art which represents the time we live in. Her belief in the importance of the individual and individual experience is central to Chara's art. Whether it is the photographer in On Location earnestly holding onto her hat in the wind or the lovable rogue who has just opened a bottle of champagne, Chara has spotted it and painted it.

There is consistently an element of intrigue and humour in her work. Her paintings capture the moment but do not give it all away. This is for the viewer to figure out: decide, question, wonder... The fact that Chara's style is so life like, mixed with a vibrant use of colour and the conviction to paint textures so convincingly seem to almost cast a spell of wonder and question on the viewer.

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