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05 August 2008

New Arrival - Elena Mikhailova

Elena Mikhailova, a Russian born artist, has developed a distinctive style over the years. The viewer is enticed by the mood created with the combination of a blue green palette and vertical movements of the brush reminiscing of sentimental rainy days. Some may criticize that her paintings are cold and damp but she includes an extreme contrast of the light against the dark, an influence by the Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt, which allows her paintings to escape the mood of dark and drizzly.
At A Gallop

Thick oil paint on canvas depicts her diverse subject matter of romantic street scenes, spirited horses, and portraits with startling character. “Thick as butter” is often quoted to Jack B. Yeats paintings and you can see the flavor of this in Elena’s bold use of paint that creates a thick texture and looseness that allows the viewer to roam about freely without the restraint of ridged lines. This thickness creates a depth in her paintings that forces a viewer to search through them rather than just sweeping past.

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